Mercedes Textiles


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5838 Cypihot
Ville Saint Laurent, Quebec, CANADA H4S 1Y5
Telephone: 514-335-4337
Fax: 514-335-9633

Mercedes Textiles Limited

Mercedes Textiles Limited has been manufacturing Fire hose for over a quarter century. Diversification over the years has yielded Municipal, Forestry, Snow Making, Industrial as well as a number of other specialty application hoses. In 1995 we formed Hydro-Wick Industries Ltd., a company which specializes in the manufacture of high pressure forestry pumps, and other fire fighting products. We are continually expanding our product lines, which include everything from foot valve to the nozzle, in order to supply a complete range of fire fighting equipment.

We have one of the most dedicated and knowledgeable group of individuals, very experienced in their field, as part of our company today. By combining the synergy of both companies, we have been able to realize a very aggressive and successful ongoing R & D program.

Brand Names: Polyflex, Aquaflow Plus, Niagara, Snow Blaster, Megaflo, MTFS-800-DP, Tournament Hose, Forestflo, Forestguard II, Forestream, Myti-Flo, Draftlite, Boostlite, Carry-Lite, Firebreak II, Fireboss, Firestop, Hi-Heat, Pyroblend, MD-800, Future-Line, Merlug Couplings, Mertex, Ambush

Technical Contact: Robert L. Richardson - President or Duane Leonhardt - Vice President Engineering Technology