Early detection and quick response
Pre-engineered fire suppression systems provide fast, on-site protection at the earliest stage of a fire. Depending upon the detection package installed, the system response could be immediate or time delayed.

Safe and easy to use
Since pre-eingineered fire suppression systems activate automatically, they are safe and easy to use. Systems do not require human intervention although they do provide a manual override option in case of emergency.

Pre-engineered and tested to ensure success
Designed in accordance with NFPA 17a and 96 and tested to stringent Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) testing protocols, pre-engineered fire suppression systems are pre-tested to effectively extinguish specific types of fires in special hazard situations.

Eliminates fuel source
The fuel or electrical source of a fire contained within cooking equipment often continues to feed the fire after it has ignited. Pre-engineered fire suppression systems eliminate the fuel source automatically.