Fire Safety Quiz

Have key building personnel identified a trained on-site emergency first responder?
Have you conducted general fire product training with building occupants and personnel?
Does your occupancy exceed the minimum number of fire/smoke alarms required by code?
Does your occupancy have exit signs and emergency lighting on all floors?
Have you designated a member of building personnel to monitor maintenance of all fire protection equipment?
Have the occupants of your building been educated about proper evacuation procedures and locations of all exit ways?
Has the fire suppression system been inspected and found adequate for the current fire hazards?
Do you know when the last time the pressure gauges on all your fire extinguishers were checked?
Do you have a rack hose installed according to code?
Does your occupancy exceed the minimum number of portable fire extinguishers required by code?
Does your building have a fire protection standpipe station on each level?
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