Portable Fire Extinguishers Quiz

The four simple steps for operating a fire extinguisher can be remembered with the word PASS. Pull, Activate, Squeeze, Sweep.
After the fire has been extinguished, it is important to watch the site for re-ignition.
Multipurpose dry chemical extinguishers are effective on all classes except D and K fires.
According to local, state and national codes and regulations, fire extinguishers must be maintained bi-annually.
There are four classes of fire, Class A, B, C, and K.
To remember the rules of fighting fires, just remember the three A's: Activate, Assist, and Attempt.
The four elements that must be present for fire to exist include heat, oxygen, fuel, and a chemical reaction between the three.
Fire extinguishers must be inspected or checked every 60 days.
The concept of fire prevention is to keep these elements separate.
Class B fires are those fires that occur involving paper and wood.
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