Inspection & Maintenance

Fire hose stations should usually be inspected or checked every 90 days (or as specified by local AHJ). The business owners or building occupants are responsible for making sure that the fire hose station is regularly checked and maintained. Fire hose stations will not be an effective fire-fighting tool if they are not properly maintained and inspected for quality assurance.

Review the check list below to identify key concerns with the fire equipment and contact local fire authorities if a repair is needed.

  • Are the operating instructions legible?
  • Does the cabinet appear to be intact with no cracks or breaks in the glass?
  • Is the cabinet door easy to open?
  • If a locked cabinet is installed, does the lock function properly?
  • Will the hose rack swing out at least 90° from the cabinet?
  • Are any safety seals broken or missing?
  • Is there any obvious damange or corrosion to the hose valve?
  • Is the valve handle missing?
  • Does the hose appear to be folded neatly on the hose rack?
  • Is the hose conneted to the rack nipple or valve?
  • Is the hose intact with no breaks, holes, or tears?
  • Is the hose nozzle missing?
  • Are all warning labels and tags free from damage?
  • Are all the valves, hose nozzles, fire extinguishers, etc. easily accessible?

Consult with NFPA 25-2000 ed. Tables 6.1 and 6.22 or your local fire department for more information about standpipe fire hose station inspection and maintenance.