Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association Releases Fire Hose Rack Inspection Guide Video New Educational Video Aimed at Building Owners, Managers

CLEVELAND, Ohio (April 9, 2019) – The Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association, an industry-leading provider of fire safety educational videos and resources, announces the release of a new instructive video that features fire hose rack inspection guidelines for building managers, owners and occupants. The video, which is accessible on the association’s YouTube channel and also available in Spanish, gives viewers an overview of how to properly inspect a hose rack. The purpose of the video is to help building owners potentially save the lives of their building occupants and protect property in case of a fire. Building owners are required to meet minimum safety standards as established by federal and local governing bodies. The Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association is a leading provider of fire protection education and seeks to make it easier for building owners to learn how to implement balanced safety and protection designs throughout their buildings.

“A fire hose rack is an important component of many safety systems, but some building owners and/or managers may not understand how to inspect the rack for damage or to ensure proper function,” said Jeff Saunders, chair of the Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association’s Fire Hose, Cabinet and Valve Committee. “That’s why we produced and released a new video on YouTube that explains the details of hose rack inspection in a step-by-step format.”

Viewers of the newly released video will learn the importance of:

  • Checking fire hose racks and cabinets for damage
  • Ensuring cabinets are easily identified
  • Maintaining proper function of cabinet doors
  • Making repairs or replacements to safety equipment when damage is detected

The video also stresses the importance of ensuring adequate water supply to the hose and making sure there are no drips or leaks around the hose. Hand wheel size and attachment considerations are also covered in the video. Cabinets or hose racks that do not meet these requirements may need to be repaired or completely replaced to ensure adherence to safety regulations.
The video instructs building owners to always default to the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations for inspecting safety equipment. The video is simply meant to be an additional aid and educational tool to make it easier for owners and occupants to inspect and use hose racks when needed.
The Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association’s “Fire Hose Rack Inspection Guide” video can be viewed on YouTube at

About the Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association

The Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association is a more than 60-year-old non-profit trade association dedicated to saving lives and protecting property by providing education of a balanced fire protection design. For additional information, including videos, interactive questionnaires and training websites about fire safety and protection, visit or call 216-241-7333. For a complete listing

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