Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association Releases Whitepaper on Pressure-Reducing Valves

Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association announces the release of a new whitepaper that gives fire protection engineers and building owners and managers important information about pressure-reducing valves.

CLEVELAND, Ohio (September 18, 2019) – Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association just released a new whitepaper entitled ‘The Ins & Outs of Pressure-Reducing Valves’. The respected non-profit trade association encourages building managers and fire protection engineers to download and read the whitepaper to learn more about PRV standards and operation instructions.
Most high-rise projects are required by regulations to have automatic sprinkler systems as well as standpipe systems for use by fire departments. In such buildings, installing pressure-reducing valves on each floor can ensure that the pump pressure on the lower floors does not exceed standards established by the National Fire Protection Association while still allowing the minimum acceptable pressure to the top floors. The whitepaper released by Fire Equipment Manufacturer’s Association spells out the requirements and standards for PRVs. “Understanding how pressure-reducing valves work and how they are regulated is key to keeping buildings safe. It will also help fire protection engineers and building owners select and adjust their PRVs, which is why the information contained in this newly released whitepaper is so valuable,” said Jeff Saunders, president of Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association. The whitepaper is based on a previously-written article the association updated with current information and is being published with permission from the original author. Building managers, fire protection engineers and other interested parties are invited to read, study and download the whitepaper at Additional information about Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association can be found at

About the Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association

The Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association is a more than 80-year-old international non-profit trade association dedicated to saving lives and protecting property by providing education of a balanced fire protection design. For additional information, including videos, interactive questionnaires and training websites about fire safety and protection, visit or call 216-241-7333. For a complete listing of member companies, visit the Member Profiles page of the association’s website at

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