Developments in Fire-Rated Fire Protection Cabinets for Walls

Fire-Rated Fire Protection Cabinets for Walls: The Solution for Meeting Building Code Standards

In the building design process, passive fire protection is essential to impede the spread of fire. This protection comes in the form of fire and smoke-resistant walls, which must meet local, state, and international building code standards. However, in the late 1980s, the installation of components such as cables, access panels, floor doors, or fire protection cabinets required the penetration of the fire barrier, raising concerns about the integrity of the barrier.

To address this issue, fire equipment manufacturers developed fire-rated cabinets that were tested and certified to maintain two-hour fire-rated wall barriers. These cabinets underwent testing under the ASTM standard E814 and were approved for use in fire barriers. The cabinets provide a quality-controlled solution that eliminates the liability associated with field-improvised methods, ensuring that every fire-rated assembly within a building is comprised of tested components.

Today, fire-rated extinguisher, hose, and valve cabinets make up approximately 25% of installed cabinet sales in the commercial construction market. FEMA cabinet manufacturers offer a variety of fire-rated cabinets to meet the building needs of building owners.

To learn more about fire-rated fire protection cabinets for walls and how they can help meet building code standards, download our official whitepaper now.

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